Dragan Concepts

Never seen before on the market: New technology for the home, giving you the help you need for keeping up with our fast times. This original, simple change for cooking makes a big difference: Dramatically reduce the time you spend cooking. EZ Master, a newly discovered temperature controlled double boiler: A double walled insert evenly distributes heat so delicate foods are cooked safely – The mixer you already own keeps the ingredients at a perfect consistency, and frees you from the stove.

• CUTS IN HALF the time needed to cook thousands of delicious foods that cannot be cooked over direct heat. From 30-40 minutes to 10-15 minutes.
• Distributes heat evenly.
• Attaches to most popular mixers.
• Can be used as a free standing unit.
• A must have not only for any reputable restaurant, hotel, or bakery, but also for millions of households.

(Patented Invention)

E-Z Master mixing bowl