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E-Z Master

mixing bowl

  • CUTS IN HALF the time needed to cook thousands of delicious foods that cannot be cooked over direct heat. From 30-40 minutes to 10-15 minutes.

  • JUST ADD WATER into the outside bowl, insert the inside bowl, add the ingredients, attach to the mixer, and let it do the work!

  • DISTRIBUTES HEAT evenly using steam.

Every day we can see big changes in technology. But no one thought to help cooks when it comes to cooking with a double boiler.  Double boiler, or “bain-marie” technique was introduced by an alchemist named Marie Prophetissima  in the 3rd Century A.D.  And today we use the very same double boiler on top of the stove.  Let's make this big change together--don't you think it's time? 

Never seen before on the market. New technology keeping up with our fast times. A change that could make a big difference. Dramatically reduces the time spend cooking. E-Z Master, a newly discovered temperature controlled double boiler: A double-walled insert evenly, distributed heat through the steam so delicate foods are cooked safely.

  • COULD BE DESIGNED to be attached to any brand of stand mixer.

  • COULD BE USED also as a free-standing unit.

  • BUILT-IN TEMPERATURE CONTROL which gives the option to cook to prepare delicate frosting, creams, sauces, ice cream, melted chocolate--you name it!  It can even keep your food warm until it's ready to be served.


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My Sock Mate

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Dragan Concepts is a family run business based in Portland, Oregon. Our innovative products are based on solutions for the needs of the households of our friends and family, and these ideas have been thoughtfully developed to appeal to a wide array of consumers.

Never seen before on the market: New technology for the home, giving you the help you need for keeping up with our fast times. This original, simple change for cooking makes a big difference: Dramatically reduce the time you spend cooking.

My Sock Mate end one of the world's mysteries Lost Socks. No more sorting socks. No more mismatched socks. No more lost socks.